10 Essential OX Plastering Tools for 2021

With homeowners having more disposable income due to not being able to take holidays and all hospitality facilities being closed, home renovations and construction has increased exponentially. According to homebuilding.co.uk, 18% of homeowners planned to act on new projects sooner rather than later in September 2020. This trend is anticipated to continue through 2021.

While many of these projects will be DIY jobs, plastering is a skill that the majority of homeowners do not have and will hire a skilled plasterer to complete their projects. That being said, efficiency and perfection of finish are high priorities for tradesmen to increase their speed and to get recommendations for more work from happy customers.

Toolbox Tools is pleased to support the plastering industry with a high-quality selection of plastering tools for plastering and rendering from OX Tools. Learn more from the helpful list below with links to the most popular plastering tools.


  1. Finishing Trowels

Used to smooth and finish plaster, a plastering trowel is essential to achieve the perfect finish. The OX Tools finishing trowels are available in two varieties. The plastic finishing trowel comes in 14”, 16” and 18” versions with a fixed plastic blade that is ultra-flexible for a perfect finish. For the serious plasterer, OX has designed a stainless-steel ultra-flex finishing trowel that is available in 11”, 14”, 16” and 18” varieties. The stainless-steel version features a unique twin blade construction with rounded corners to ensure that trowel lines are minimised for an ultra-smooth finish.


  1. Plastering Trowels

Used to apply and spread plaster or render, this is indeed the first tool that you may need to start to plaster! Plastering trowels from OX Tools come in 4 varieties with multiple sizes per variety to ensure that there is a solution for every plasterer. There are two rigid trowel varieties, one is a carbon steel trowel and the other is a high-quality stainless-steel version. Both come with pre-worn edges and a perfectly balanced DURAGRIP handle. There are also 2 semi-flex versions, a stainless-steel plastering trowel and a plastic plasterers trowel with replaceable blades to ensure that you get a consistent result over the life of the tool.

  1. Plasterers Floats

For that smooth, high-quality, even surface that makes your finishing trowels job a breeze, a float is invaluable. Used to even out the top layer of plaster before final finishing, every plasterer should carry a float. OX Tools has a poly plasterers float as well as a sponge rubber plastering float to give our customers their choice.


  1. Specialty Trowels and Tools

We carry a variety of specialty trowels for detailed finish work, window sills, and clean up. A margin trowel is handy for tight spaces and narrow windowsill finishing. To keep your buckets clean and ensure that you don’t waste any plaster a bucket trowel is an essential tool! The professional stainless-steel small plastering trowel has a unlimited number of uses for detailed work in tight spaces. Every plasterer has a small tool in their arsenal! This tool is useful for finishing mitre joints on internal corners, measuring semi-viscous fluids and more!

  1. Plastering Hawks

This is an essential tool to increase your speed, efficiency and reduce lower back pain. By keeping a quantity of plaster on a plastering hawk while working reduces the number of times that you have to bend down to get more plaster. OX Tools has an economic poly plastering hawk and a professional aluminium plasterers hawk for longevity and comes with a comfort handle. 

  1. Corner Trowels

Tired of spending too much time finishing your corners perfectly? We have a solution! The internal corner trowel helps you to achieve perfect accurate internal corners every time without fail.


  1. Scarifier/Scraper

An essential tool to ensure that plaster layers key in and bond to each other to avoid flaking, a render scarifier or render scraper is a most if you want to avoid call backs and give a top quality job that will last for years to come!


  1. Aluminium Shears/Snips

Used to cut corner profiles and beading, a reliable and good quality pair of snips is a must for your tool belt. Check out the OX Tools straight snips or the professional heavy-duty snips that are available colour coded in right, left and straight configurations.


  1. Buckets

A bucket is not an item to be left off the essential tools list. The 25 Litre plasterers’ buckets from OX Tools is built to last through what ever you throw at it. From carrying plaster, to mixing plaster, or washing off your tools, it is a must have for all plasterers.


  1. Spirit Levels

No one wants a crooked wall or a plastered wall with dips and bows in it and it will not get you many recommendations! The OX Tools spirit level set is the ideal solution to keep check to ensure your walls are straight, plumb and smooth.


At Toolbox Tools we are passionate about high-quality tools that give our customers who are professional plasterers the best value for money and best user experience. Not only are OX Tools built from the best materials and made with the best processes, but OX Tools spends time researching and developing their tools with scientific precision. This results in plastering tools that are designed ergonomically for the least impact possible to the body and reduces repetitive strain injuries leading to a longer careers for our plasterers!


If you need to order large quantities of plastering tools and supplies, please get in touch below and we will be sure to do the best we can to fulfil your needs!

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Take a look at the video below on the OX Tools Professional plastering trowels to see why OX Tools are the tools to trust. Top quality tools, with top quality design and materials.