The Top 20 Tools for Bricklayers – The Complete Bricklaying Kit

If you are a professional bricklayer with years of experience, we don’t need to tell you this! The professional bricklayer will have a carefully selected set of tools that are tried and tested by experience and many hours of bricklaying.

However, for the college student or for the bricklayer now starting out on his or her professional journey or maybe the professional looking to refine his tool choices even further, we put together a list of the top 20 tools for bricklayers with links to our recommended OX bricklaying tools.


A Comprehensive List of Bricklaying Tools for the Professional Bricklayer

Brick Trowels

  • Bricklaying Trowel – a London style brick trowel is best for bricklaying
  • Pointing Trowel – these are smaller trowels for shaping mortar and detailed jobs
  • Bucket Trowel – a square ended trowel to help you clean your bucket perfectly.
bricklaying trowel

Brick Jointing Tools

  • Tuck Pointer – for pushing mortar in to joints when repairing older walls.
  • Brick Joint Raker – for creating recessed joints in brick work
  • Brick Jointer – for flattening and smoothing standard brick mortar joints to give a uniform and neat finish.
brick joint rake


  • Brick Hammer – this hammer has a chisel end and a square head end. Extremely useful for many applications.
  • Club Hammer – either a 3lb or 4lb heavy hammer for tougher jobs such as striking a bolster, driving masonry nails etc.
brick hammer

Brickwork Layout Tools

  • Spirit Levels – possibly the most important layout tool in a bricklayers kit is a good quality set of spirit levels to ensure courses are level and plumb.
  • Profile Clamps – these are used to hold your guide profiles in place for perfectly aligned brick courses.
  • Mortar Spikes – for holding internal profiles with a thumb bolt by being inserted into a joint close to the corner.
  • Dori Blocks – these blocks clamp on to your profiles and have two stubs to allow two lines to be run both ways on 50.8 mm profile.
  • Dutch Pins – used to temporarily hold battens or profiles in place by being hammered into the brick joints. An extra pair of hands on the job!
  • Line Pins – solid, pointed pins that can be inserted into a brick course or any other area where a guide line is needed.
  • Line Blocks – perfect for running lines off of corners or profiles without nailing into the brick work.
spirit level set

Measuring and Cutting

  • Measuring Tape - a good quality measuring tape is a must. A metric and imperial tape measure can be handy to have in case measurements are given in inches.
  • Bolsters – for cutting bricks a brick bolster chisel is a handy tool to have to give precise cuts.
brick bolster

    Other Accessories

    • Tool Tote – all to often, bricklayers spend a lot of money on tools, but then they don’t last as long as they could as they are not stored and cared for well. A tool tote can help with this and keep your tools neat and tidy for increased efficiency.
    • Brick Carriers – tired of carrying 3 bricks at a time? A brick carrier can carry up to 6 bricks at once.
    • Buckets – a good quality bucket that won’t crack and break is essential to any bricklayer for carrying mud etc.
    tool tote bag for brick tools

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